We pride ourselves on our ability to design a process around the needs of the individual client.  For some insurers, this means providing bespoke training to allow claims handlers the tools to undertake initial recovery attempts themselves.  For other insurers, this means undertaking to handle the entire portfolios of recovery cases.

We undertake regular screening of our clients’ claims portfolios enabling us to identify missed recovery opportunities.  Our solicitors attend insurer’s offices across the entire country to carry out a full screen of files for potential recovery to provide a preliminary liability opinion.

Where liability lies with another party, we are committed to maximising the recovery of damages on behalf of our insurers and their policyholders and avoid any interruption of our client’s business by;

Providing preliminary screening and opinion on liability from the first notification of loss.

Identifying relevant third parties by way of data protection requests through relevant authorities i.e., DVLA in Northern Ireland or Motor Taxation Offices in the Republic of Ireland.

Liaising directly with our client’s policyholders to obtain any statements from them and pursue any consequential or uninsured loss on their behalf such as;

Issuing early letters of claim to third parties and their insurers,

Initiating litigation where payment is not made promptly to pursue monies due,

Enforcing judgments where necessary and/or appropriate.

As well as working with our insurance client to recover any outlay incurred by them, we also work with our client’s policyholders to recover any uninsured losses such as;

Loss of Use


Property Damage

Personal Injury

Policy Excess

Loss of Earnings

Distress or inconvenience


At Lacey Solicitors, we deal with all aspects of our client’s claim and ensure to provide an exemplary service to both insurers and their policyholders.