In all claims, we provide advice to ensure our insurance client’s liabilities are limited to the cover for which they provide indemnity.

Our team provides advice to brokers and their clients when they require assistance on whether a claim is covered.

We have experience in dealing with challenges via the Financial Ombudsman’s office in Northern Ireland and the Financial Services and Pensions Ombudsman’s Bureau in the Republic of Ireland.

Similarly, we have experience in providing guidance to challenges via the Data Protection Commissioner in the Republic of Ireland and the Information Commissioners Office in Northern Ireland.

For claims where our insurers are considering not avoiding a policy, we provide advice on non-disclosure and misrepresentation. Our solicitors have experience in the Commercial Courts and obtaining expert underwriting evidence.

We provide bespoke training and seminars addressing issues arising from policy cover and indemnity disputes.

Through our involvement with the Forum of Insurance Lawyers Ireland, we remain at the fore of statutory and legal changes in the landscape so we can keep our clients fully informed on relevant policy issues that they are likely to see in the future.