We offer clients access to specialist environmental solicitors with expertise in handling claims arising from exposure to hazardous substances, landfills, or contaminated watercourses and we proactively advise on regulatory and environmental compliance requirements.

We defend our customers in respect of environmental prosecutions and respect of group actions involving losses and damages from contamination, odour nuisance, and other environmental factors.

We also commence subrogation proceedings against third parties for recovery of insurers’ outlay and undertake the defence of civil proceedings brought against their insureds by third parties, including professional indemnity claims against environmental consultants.

Our solicitors advise insurers on policy wordings and related environmental coverage issues, whether involving property damage, public liability, product liability, environmental impairment, or D&O coverages.

Pollution Claims

Noise and nuisance

Claims against

Contaminated land
and its remediation

Water, river,
groundwater, and


Waste and recycling

Investigations by

- related personal
injury claims

More and more responsibility is falling on businesses, with processes and products having to meet ever more stringent requirements.

Our wealth of experience, at Lacey Solicitors, representing insurers allows us to provide a high level of service to businesses involved in involving environmental claims.