As we have had the pleasure of acting for insurers for several years which has resulted in our office building a strong relationship with not only their policyholders but the men and women within the insurance companies that keep things running smoothly.

Our reputation and the level of service we provide often result in policyholders, claims handlers, and other insurance staff turning to our firm in their time of difficulty and becoming standalone clients of our office.

Acting for both Defendants and Plaintiffs over many years has given us a unique insight into the strategies and tactics employed on either side of a claim. This means we can invariably forecast what opponents may attempt and react accordingly, resulting in reduced timescales and settlement costs for our clients.

We are aware that for the individual client, no one size fits all.  Lacey Solicitors Claims Solutions is made up of a select group of our solicitors with a repertoire of strengths and expertise to best provide the service requested.

Some of the cases that we have dealt with include :

Personal Injury Claims in Northern Ireland ranging in value from the County Court to the High Court.

Personal Injury Claims in the Republic of Ireland include guiding the client through the Personal Injuries Assessment Board (PIAB) process.

Claims involving jurisdictional issues and European law where the client may reside in Northern Ireland and the accident occurred in the Republic of Ireland.

Contaminated land
and its remediation

Road traffic accident claims to arrange repairs and a hire vehicle using respected Accident Management Companies and dealing with the burden of dealing with insurance companies.

Policy wording disputes and arbitration where a client may disagree with their insurer on the coverage of a policy.

More and more responsibility is falling on businesses, with processes and products having to meet ever more stringent requirements.

Our wealth of experience, at Lacey Solicitors, representing insurers allows us to provide a high level of service to businesses involved in involving environmental claims.