In Mokom .v. Dublin Bus [2010] the High Court dismissed a claim for damages against Dublin Bus taken by a pedestrian who suffered life threatening brain injuries after she was struck by a bus.

In this action the plaintiff appears to have stepped onto the road and been struck by the bus. She claimed that Dublin Bus was negligent in that the bus was travelling an excessive speed that it failed to stop, swerve or slow down to avoid the collision. She also further claimed that the bus failed to keep a safe distance from her and that there was a failure to keep a proper lookout for her presence on the roadway.

Dublin Bus argued the plaintiff was the author of her own misfortunate and pleaded contributory negligence, that the plaintiff walked into the bus, failed to look before stepping off the footpath and onto the road, gave no indication of her intention and had no reasonable regard for her own safety. Notwithstanding the very serious injuries (the plaintiff suffered a brain injury) Mr Justice Quirke in agreeing to dismiss the action said it was inescapable that the plaintiff had been walking along a path when she suddenly turned and walked into the side of a bus within the space of three seconds, that it was regrettable that she could not remember the accident.

The plaintiff’s claim was dismissed.